Graduate Profile

The abilities needed by graduates of Environmental Engineering Study Program, UPN “Veteran” of East Java, consist of the following:

  • Expert staff in Environmental Engineering
    • Bachelors of Environmental Engineering are expected to master the skills and knowledge in the field of infrastructure design, which includes natural resource management, drinking water management, waste water, garbage, and drainage. They are also expected to work professionally in consulting and construction services, of the industrial sector with an increase in the application of environmentally sound development. This includes the need for environmental engineering experts to prepare environmental evaluation documents, such as AMDAL (Environmental Impact Assessment).
  • Expert staff in the industrial sector
    • Expert staffs in the industrial sector are expected to possess the following skills: Mastery knowledge in the field of environmental management to prevent and implement control of liquid, solid, and gas waste. They are also required to possess Occupational Health and Safety (OHS) as additional competencies.
    • Communication skills, such as writing, speaking, and presentations.
    • Ability to cooperate and collaborate in the field to face industrial demands that rapidly changes.
  • Academics
    The required ability descriptions are :
    • Understand and formulate the basic sciences of environmental engineering and its problems.
    • Able to communicate adequately, both orally and in writing
    • Able to determine contemporary issues
    • Urge to learn throughout life.
  • Researcher
    The researcher is expected to possess the following abilities:
    • Design and conduct engineering experiments, as well as to analyze, and interpret data.
    • Identify, formulate, and solve environmental engineering problems.
    • Communicate research results.
  • Entrepreneur
    • Able to design and execute business plans
    • Able to build and maintain positive relationships with customers, clients, employees, investors, accountants and other business people to achieve success.
    • Able to lead and inspire employees to achieve mutual success goals.