Target Lingkungan Hidup 2022

Target Lingkungan Hidup (TLH) is an activity under the auspices of the Environmental Engineering Student Association, UPN “Veteran” Jawa Timur, the PSDM Department, which is the application of environmental sciences to conditions in the field. Through this activity students can understand how to identify an environment that is starting to be polluted to heavily polluted. In addition, it can also understand the environmental conditions of the waters upstream and downstream so that they can properly protect the environmental ecosystem.

The theme for this 2022 TLH activity is “Melahirkan Cendekiawan Peduli Alam” or abbreviated as MARCAPADA. Marcapada itself means a place for living things (earth) where living things interact, know each other, and look after each other. Through this theme, it is hoped that by holding TLH 2022,  students will be able to go directly into the field to apply environmental knowledge. So that students can become creative and innovative students, especially in the fields of technology and the environment.

TLH 2022 was held on Friday to Sunday, 4 – 6 November 2022 at Padepokan Wonosalam Lestari, Jombang. This activity presented speakers including Ecoton who presented biomonitoring material as one of the main activity of TLH 2022, which implemented the Ecology course to observe the condition of the surrounding rivers. Apart from that, the Sanggar Hijau community also presented solid waste material including definition, types of waste, the impact of waste on the environment, and how to process waste. TLH 2022 also presents the Regional Disaster Management Agency (BPBD) of Jombang, which presents material related to disaster management including definition, types of disasters, causes of disasters, disaster risks caused by the influence of human activities on environmental ecosystems that cause disasters and hazards to the environment.