Affiliation Test Laboratory with Integrated Research Laboratory of UPN Veteran

Head of Laboratory: Firra Rosariawarie, ST., MT.

This Environmental Laboratory is affiliated with the Integrated Testing Laboratory (LPT) which is one of the Technical Implementation Units (UPT) at the “Veteran” National Development University of East Java.

This laboratory accepts and tests sample materials from the general public or the internal environment of UPN “Veteran” of East Java, such as lecturers, researchers, students, and companies. Guided by ISO /IEC 17025: 2017 quality management stated that the Environmental laboratory carried out technical testing activities, while the management activities are based on LPT.

LPT customers entrust testing according to its scope and accredited by KAN, for Chemistry, Biology, and Physics students to carry out tests on food commodities, organic fertilizers, soil, plant tissue, and waste water. The waste water test parameters at the Environmental Laboratory include BOD, COD titration, pH, and TSS. However, the Environmental Laboratory also provides out-of-scope testing according to customer needs and requests

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